Crosswords, quizzes and virtual museum tours to keep your neurons firing

14 April 2020 - 15:21
Stay entertained during lockdown with Exclusive Books Fanatics.
Stay entertained during lockdown with Exclusive Books Fanatics.
Image: Supplied

Just in case you need a break between reading books, we've put together something to keep you entertained: we have a thriller of a crossword for you to solve this week!

Solve all of the clues and complete the crossword and you could win a R500 voucher.

We don't mind how you do it (print it out, or save the image to your PC and use Paint to fill in the words) - just have fun and send us a picture of your completed crossword via e-mail to to enter.

Entries close April 17 and the winner will be notified on April 20.

Meanwhile, with many of us starting to miss our regular pub quiz and other fun activities, popular comedian Jimmy Carr has created The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown. It's a daily question-and-answer quiz for you to enjoy from home while keeping your neurons firing! You can start with day 1 of the quiz here.

You might also enjoy doing a virtual museum tour, where you can visit some of the most beautiful and famous museums and art galleries in the world.

Article courtesy of Exclusive Books Fanatics