Thandiwe Newton corrects Shona name faux pas, says her name is Zulu: 'You forget who you are'

06 April 2021 - 08:25
Thandiwe Newton says her name is Zulu.
Thandiwe Newton says her name is Zulu.
Image: Thandiwe Newton/Instagram

British actress Thandiwe Newton declared in a Vogue interview that her name, which has been misspelt for years, would be reverting back to its original Shona spelling.

Newton said the name meant 'beloved' in Shona.

After Newton was praised for her decision to now include the 'w' which had been left out in her first movie credit and stayed that way, many pointed out that Thandiwe is not a Shona name.

In the article, Newton says her mother, a Zimbabwean, is of royal Shona lineage while her father is a lab technician from Cornwall, UK.

Newton apologised for the error on Twitter.

Despite the apology, the origins of her name quickly became a debate on social media.

The apology has pushed Newton to the top of the trends list in SA.