Five zero-cost ways to freshen up your home for spring

A change of season calls for that much-needed refresh button. Here are some great tips to make your space feel new again

06 September 2020 - 00:02 By Leana Schoeman
Combine pieces from different patterned and plain duvet sets to create a uniquely eclectic look.
Combine pieces from different patterned and plain duvet sets to create a uniquely eclectic look.
Image: 123RF/Katarzyna Białasiewicz


Warmer days means lighter and brighter fabrics, so dig out all those summer throws and colourful scatter covers and replace the ones that did winter duty. This will revitalise your bedroom and lounge in an instant.

Who said you can't chop and change your bed linen sets? Combine patterns with solid hues with pillowcases from another set, then add a throw from your lounge. Get a bohemian look and feel by draping a big scarf over your headboard or curtain rail. The possibilities are endless if you start thinking out of the box.


Look closely at your shelves and work surfaces to assess how you use them. By decluttering and rearranging, you can improve efficiency and revive stagnant spaces. Tap in to your inner stylist and create beautiful arrangements of the things you love and that bring you joy. Give corners a fresh, pulled-together look with green sprigs from outside or a pot plant.


We all have a tendency to become so used to the space we live in that we stop appreciating it - this is a good reason to change things up. A simple way is to rotate your art and prized possessions; just by moving them, you'll see them in a new light. Pinterest surfing can inspire you with innovative ways to display and use art, objects and even rugs. Play a little!


Reassessing how your furniture is arranged can bring interesting observations to light. We often overlook things and can navigate around our home without realising that a small change - like moving a bed or sofa to another wall - can open up a whole new perspective. We have strange rules and habits as to what belongs where, but this doesn't work for everyone, so welcome a little spontaneity into this exercise.


Warmer days call for more light and better ventilation, so it's a good time to rethink window treatments. If you can, replace a heavy curtain with a light one for the summer season. This will instantly make things feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. If privacy is not an issue, why not leave the curtain down altogether to see how it feels. There are so many ways to style a window space when we break the "rules".

Exposing ourselves to natural light offers many health benefits. Daylight has a direct and crucial impact on our circadian rhythms which regulate physical, mental and behavioural changes in our daily cycles. We also have such a special quality of light in this country, so celebrate summer by letting it in. An added bonus of celebrating natural light is a better night's sleep and a happier state of mind.