HOT OFF THE PASS | This week in food news: April 23

Lockdown legislation tightened as the country turns to home-brewing beer

23 April 2020 - 00:00 By Steve Steinfeld
South Africa is becoming a nation of budding brewmasters under lockdown.
South Africa is becoming a nation of budding brewmasters under lockdown.
Image: 123RF/Sergey Peterman

As the countdown starts to what will hopefully be the end of our extended lockdown next Friday, many of us are itching to get back to eating out.

Two boys from housebound Scotland were feeling much the same, so their parents decided to turn the family dining room into a five-star eatery, complete with menus, an appearance from the chef and a bill (generously covered by the “restaurant”). Watch the video of the pair's posh 'meal out' here.

Play acting “restaurant, restaurant” at home might be a good idea here in SA too, as there has so far been no indication of when or how our local establishments will be allowed to reopen once the government's phased approach to jump-starting the economy kicks in.

Business Insider reports that the Spur group has told landlords that they won't reopen any of their family-favourite steakhouses while there are restrictions in place limiting the sale of alcohol or the number of patrons permitted. Having seen the disastrous affect such restrictions had on turnover before the lockdown, they say they're not prepared to put their franchisees in such a financial predicament again.

A brewing interest in homemade beer

Lockdown prohibitions have naturally also left many around Mzansi with empty drinks cabinets. The result has been a rapid rise in the number of aspiring DIY brewers attempting to make their own beers, ciders and other alcohols at home.

Should this stir your interest, Sunday Times food editor Hilary Biller has curated a list of four simple beer recipes that can be made using pineapple, ginger or sorghum. Three of these recipes use no yeast at all, which is handy given Anchor Yeast's decision to halt the sale of its Inkunzi malanga brewers yeast as it can be used to make “non-essential foods”.

You also won't need yeast — or alcohol — to mix up the other beverage that's trending on social media: dalgona coffee. This delightfully Instagram-able drink is an upside-down cappuccino of sorts, which is made with instant coffee. Get the recipe here.

Ban on hot food sales leaves SA cold

While some are lamenting the inability to buy booze, others are up in arms over the ban on cooked hot food sales. The latest government restriction to be formalised means grocers can no longer sell the likes of ready-roasted chickens, pies and more.

Speaking of chicken, if you're craving your favourite finger-licking takeaway, why not try this recipe and make some sensational fried chicken at home? If you're not a fan of deep-frying, there's a baked version too.